Piletest’s Pile Echo Tester (PET) ECO Model (Pay Per Pile)

PET-USB versie

This product is an affordable service model based on the mature and loved PET Pro USB. The ECO model package includes exactly the same precise hardware and powerful software of the full PET Pro – however the system has a pile count limit and comes pre-loaded for testing 100 piles. Additional pile refills may be purchased and loaded on-line. This pay per use based PET allows new businesses in pile testing to enter the market with a smaller financial risk.

Main Advantages

  • The same performance of the PET Pro.
  • A significantly lower entry bar into the pile testing service market.
  • Robust instrument cost per test, assures your service price calculation.
  • Easy pay – Additional pile tests (beyond the initial 100) can be loaded to the PET ECO for a fee, paid by credit card or PayPal via the Piletest website.
  • Such pile test refills may be duty-free or taxed as service (Your local regulations may differ)
  • There is no limit to the number of refills. PET ECO configuration is fixed by hardware.

The PET ECO package includes:

  • The full PET Pro hardware and software:
  • A digital transducer with waterproof USB cable
  • A nylon hammer, spare tips, special putty
  • Testing, analysis and reporting software (unlimited number of licenses)
  • Interpretation assistance package (SOS)  Already loaded with 100 pile tests
  • 1 year warranty ( additional 1 year warranty can be purchased separately (price set to 1$ per day with annual payment)
  • Shipment price is not included in the PET ECO price.