CPT soil investigationsonderen
A CPT is an accurate method by which the local soil conditions can be measured on standing. In addition, skin friction (adhesion) can be measured with which the coefficient of friction of the primer layer can be calculated. This friction ratio gives a clear picture of the soil structure. A geotechnical consultant can thus distinguished and identify the different soil layers.



Quality assurance and control

Acoustic pile control. By measuring piles discontinuities such as thickening, necking and / or cracks.




Static pile tests
When there is doubt about the bearing capacity of the piles static pile tests can be carried out. Other possibilities are dynamic or statnamic test.All test are carried out according to the regulations.





omgevallenAnalyses construction sites
Safety with regard to the stability of the pile driving or drilling rig is not to be underestimated. Too often accidents happen. Checking in advance, combined with analysis  can ensure a stable and workable work field and reduces these risks.