Quality control

Quality assurance and controlAkoestische paal controle RWE

Acoustic pile control, or ” hammer tick ”. Measuring piles to check if there are no discontinuities. For example: thickening, reduction of cross-section, cracks.

Pressure tests, in case of doubt about the bearing capacity of placed piles or for the benefit of test and research projects, can be carried out statically, limited or dynamically.
e.e.a. carried out in accordance with standard NEN 6745-1 and 6745-2.

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kalenderenManagement / execution supervision

During the piling process you are assured of expert guidance from start to finish. We ensure that work is carried out in accordance with the drawings, local regulations and applicable directives, and check the execution of the pile contractor. In clear reports you will find the achieved pile point levels, calendar values and any detected deviations. The progress of the work is recorded as a whole so that you, as the client, have a good understanding of the work carried out.

The ability to respond immediately to unexpected situations optimizes the continuity of the foundation work.

MonitoringMOn NZlijn
Automatic measurements of façade displacement. Minimizing risks, having the possibility to intervene early in the event of imminent changes in the ground or on buildings, is done by means of monitoring. Varying from local measurements to large and complex systems. More is already being done with computer-controlled equipment whereby movements in the ground and of buildings can be recorded at very high accuracy.