Consultation / Advice

Foundation advice1087

In the vicinity of existing buildings, the influence a building project has requires careful analysis and geotechnical solutions in favor of the total area.

Our practical advice in foundation constructions can relate to one or more components:

Coordinating soil mechanical research to map the properties of the soil.
Interpreting the outcomes on the basis of presentation and calculation programs.
The resulting advice on the best fitting foundation type.
Giving practical advice in foundation constructions, feasibility and order.
Assisting during the tender phase with advice on all kinds of matters that have to be taken into account.
Taking care of various geotechnical calculations, such as carrying capacity and reinforcement calculations

Sheet pile advice 1101

In the case of construction work that requires excavation, good coordination between the client, the contractor and the engineering firm is essential to minimize unnecessary costs and time loss. During excavations one gets to deal with or source dewatering, or creating a watertight building pit.


Advice on defects or damage (second opinion)

When diagnosing defects and / or claims, after inventory, we can investigate the cause and offer solutions.

Dewatering advice

bemalingGeohydrology is concerned with studying groundwater flows. It is therefore a very important tool in the design and realization of underground construction and infrastructure works.

During ground excavations, depending on location and depth, people will often end up below the groundwater level. In such cases, in order to be able to carry out the work in the dry and the stability of the
construction pit, an artificial groundwater level reduction is necessary.